"Light" The Community Collective Pop-up Series - Vol. 4

“Light” The Community Collective Pop-up Series - Vol.4

“Light” The Community Collective Pop-up Series - Vol.4


Call For Submissions

Submit your photos for “The Community Collective Pop-up Series - Vol.4”

We are working with a theme this time around, and that theme is “Light”

Light can have so many different meanings, and I want you all to use your imaginations and submit your own visual representation of light.

The Rules

• Please use the attached form to submit a maximum of two images for consideration.

• The deadline for submissions will be Friday, February 15th at 11:59pm.

• This is not mandatory, but sharing is one of the most amazing things that bring together our wonderful community. Share this opportunity with your friends, family, and anyone that feel would be interested.

• When sharing on social media, use the hashtag #ccexhibit_light and tag @creativehandsdc

The Show

• There will be a total of 20 photos selected for the exhibit.

• Each photo will be printed and framed with no cost to the artist.

How to submit

Tag your photos ccexhibit_light


• Email a maximum of two photos to info@creativehandsdc.com


• Use the link below to submit you photos